Toilet Training Policy

Toilet Training Policy

Your child’s development is key in preparing for the toilet training process. When the parent or teacher feels that a child is ready, a brief meeting will be set up to coordinate a schedule and routine between home and school. In order for toilet training to be successful, both the parent and teacher must follow through with the plan outlined. Our goal is to assist you and your child with this process.

Consistency is of most importance for your child during this learning experience. The language used during training should be the same in the home and at school. We also need to keep your child on the same daily schedule. Please try your best to follow through at home, as we will do here.

As your child’s toilet training experience is in progress, the teacher will keep you informed of the level of success. Please read the following page for guidelines.

  1. Please choose a weekend at home to begin the toilet training process. If your child is at least 75% successful urinating in the toilet at home, we are ready to begin at school.
  2. Please bring your child in underwear to school. We will ask your child to use the toilet every hour for a week, and you will be given a daily log at the end of the day to monitor your child’s success.
  3. After a week, your child should be asking to use the toilet on their own.
  4. If a child has more than 2 accidents at school in a given day, we will need to stop the training process. This is an indication that your child is not ready. For health and sanitation reasons we must do this.
  5. Remember, home and school is very different. A child is much more comfortable at home, this is why it is a necessity for you to begin the process in the home environment, and we will follow through.
  6. Good Luck

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