Executive Baby is a family operated business and partnership. Deidre is the director of the facility as well as an owner. She brings to Executive Baby 11 years of teaching experience in a public school system. Along with teaching children, she has written curriculum and developed learning programs for her previous school district. Deidre has a BA+32 in Early Childhood Development and holds a teaching certificate N-8 in the state of New Jersey.

“There is nothing more rewarding in life, than being able to touch the lives of children. When a child smiles at me each morning, I know that I am making a difference in their life.”


Doreen is the Co-owner of Executive Baby with her sister Deidre. She brings to Executive Baby many years of experience raising her 3 children. Along with life experience she has a BS degree and has worked in the Corporate world for 21 years as a Scientist and also as an Inventory manager. Along with her daily involvement with the children and parents at Executive Baby, Doreen maintains the Facility and Finances.

“Executive Baby is a door that has opened for me unexpectantly and when I stepped through that door, I realized that I am where I was destined to be. I have a passion to touch the lives of children and working parents and Executive Baby has allowed me to have that opportunity.”

Donna (Founder)

Executive Baby was founded by Carol Davidson and myself in l989. Our philosophy was to give children a loving, happy, home-like environment where they would be safe, encouraged to develop, and be able to explore to their fullest potential. After almost 20 years, Carol and I decided to sell the business to ladies who love and care about the business as much as we did. We were truly blessed to have found them. As prospective clients of Executive Baby I can tell you that you will think about your child during the day, but you will not have to worry.